Monday, September 14, 2009

Introducing Zvuvi's Israel Blog

I am about to start a second blog. Hopefully it will not be a fly-by-night affair even though its host will be my favorite fly – Zvuvi. Who is Zvuvi? He is the main character of my new book Zvuvi’s Israel.His name is derived from the Hebrew word “zvuv”, which means fly – as in maddening insect with wings. But Zvuvi is not out to bug you or your readers. He’s a mischievous, fun-loving fly who is the perfect Israel tour guide for kids. Aside from taking you to all of Israel’s fun and kid-friendly attractions beautifully illustrated in the book (yes, please go out and buy it), I’ve decided to expand his activities. After you introduce your students to the book Zvuvi’s Israel, please explain to them that Zvuvi is not a fly-by-night book. He is part of a bigger picture that will include a bi-weekly blog showing kids what life in Israel is like for children their age.

You are the reason that I am embarking on this new project. One of the common concerns that I heard from teachers, librarians and parents during my year in the States is that kids today have a hard time connecting to Israel. I want to help bridge that gap and I know that Zvuvi is the perfect partner to help me accomplish this task. Please don’t swat the blog off your screen. Get ready for the buzz. I'll be sending out the next blog real soon and then I'll be back with Zvuvi two weeks later. But you will always be on my radar. On alternate weeks I'll be updating you on interesting Jewish holiday customs posted in my other blog, Tami Lehman-Wilzig Kids Books.For now,
Le’Hitraot…Tami & Zvuvi

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