Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I'm Rocking with Rock Rabbits at the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve

Shalom all. It's me again, flying to the next stop on my Israel nature tour.
Today I'm going to take you to the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve -- one of the most beautiful places in Israel.

I love the waterfalls. It's so much fun buzzing in and out of them. Hey, let's face it -- it's hot over here.

You could say that Ein Gedi is one cool hot place. It's a hot hiking spot. And cool? There are so many cool animals roaming around. Right now I'm rocking with some rock rabbits.

Aren't they the cutest? Try to find out why some people think they may be related to the elephant. I'm not kidding!

These rabbits -- also called Hyrax -- have a long family history over here, going all the way back to Biblical times.

Now that's pretty cool! Want to see them and other animals in action? Watch this Youtube clip and tell me where you think it was filmed.

You see why I love this part of Israel? You've gotta come and see it for yourself.
What's that? You can't make it this year. All right, all right. Do the next best thing. Go to pages 24-25 in my book Zvuvi's Israel and start planning your trip for next summer now.


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Sunday, June 17, 2012

I'm Taking You to the Ramon Crater

Shalom Girls & Boys:

Summer is on its way. Some of you may be coming to Israel on a family trip. Others may be staying home or going to a summer camp. Regardless of where you'll be I've decided to show you some of Israel's really cool places,  starting with the Ramon Crater -- the largest crater in the entire world that was not caused by a meteorite collision but by a steady water erosion of the rock!

Makhtesh Ramon -- as it's called in Hebrew -- is one of Israel's HOT spots. Yup, any way you slice it, it's hot. Hot temperatures. Hot, breathtaking views. It's our equivalent of the Grand Canyon and home to really cool animals that live in the wild -- like these Nubian Ibex.

 Want to see how close they come to visitors? Want to see the dry desert beauty of the crater? Watch this clip and come on down. Can't come this year? You can find the Ramon Crater in my book Zvuvi's Israel. It's on page 29. I love the illustrations, but honestly, you've got to see it for yourself.

Le'Hitratot at Makhtesh Ramon...Zvuvi

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Latest Israeli Scoop on Doggie Poop

Shalom Girls & Guys:
It's me again. I know that two times in one day can be too much, but I just had to share this latest Israeli invention with you -- especially in this dog-eat-dog world and especially since it's a real scoop for tracking down the owner of messy, unwanted doggy poop.
How do you do that? I've decided to let you read an article appearing in today's Ha'aretz. It's definitely something we can wag our tail about!
That' the latest buzz from Zvuvi.

Looks Like We Have Our Own Turtle Beach

Shalom Girls & Boys:

I just got a tzav to got to Palmachim Beach.
Hey! I'm pretty impressed with the pun I just made.
On the one hand, the word tzav in Hebrew means command -- as in the commands an army soldier follows.
On the other hand, a tzav looks like this: 
This is no ordinary tzav. It's a huge sea turtle and the big news this weekend is that the Israel Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center just released a turtle they took care of back into the sea. Want to see?

That's why I got a tzav to see the tzav. Get it???

In all seriousness, it's pretty amazing that we have a rehabilitation center just for sea turtles. I just googled it and found out that they're looking for volunteers. I'm still too young but maybe I can sart practicing with tzavi -- my pet turtle -- even if he does find me annoying! He hates it when I bounce up and down on his shell. I'm just trying to be friendly!

I'm on my way. First to Palmachim Beach, then to tzavi.


Sea turtle photo credit