Sunday, June 17, 2012

I'm Taking You to the Ramon Crater

Shalom Girls & Boys:

Summer is on its way. Some of you may be coming to Israel on a family trip. Others may be staying home or going to a summer camp. Regardless of where you'll be I've decided to show you some of Israel's really cool places,  starting with the Ramon Crater -- the largest crater in the entire world that was not caused by a meteorite collision but by a steady water erosion of the rock!

Makhtesh Ramon -- as it's called in Hebrew -- is one of Israel's HOT spots. Yup, any way you slice it, it's hot. Hot temperatures. Hot, breathtaking views. It's our equivalent of the Grand Canyon and home to really cool animals that live in the wild -- like these Nubian Ibex.

 Want to see how close they come to visitors? Want to see the dry desert beauty of the crater? Watch this clip and come on down. Can't come this year? You can find the Ramon Crater in my book Zvuvi's Israel. It's on page 29. I love the illustrations, but honestly, you've got to see it for yourself.

Le'Hitratot at Makhtesh Ramon...Zvuvi

Ibex photo credit

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