Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I'm Rocking with Rock Rabbits at the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve

Shalom all. It's me again, flying to the next stop on my Israel nature tour.
Today I'm going to take you to the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve -- one of the most beautiful places in Israel.

I love the waterfalls. It's so much fun buzzing in and out of them. Hey, let's face it -- it's hot over here.

You could say that Ein Gedi is one cool hot place. It's a hot hiking spot. And cool? There are so many cool animals roaming around. Right now I'm rocking with some rock rabbits.

Aren't they the cutest? Try to find out why some people think they may be related to the elephant. I'm not kidding!

These rabbits -- also called Hyrax -- have a long family history over here, going all the way back to Biblical times.

Now that's pretty cool! Want to see them and other animals in action? Watch this Youtube clip and tell me where you think it was filmed.

You see why I love this part of Israel? You've gotta come and see it for yourself.
What's that? You can't make it this year. All right, all right. Do the next best thing. Go to pages 24-25 in my book Zvuvi's Israel and start planning your trip for next summer now.


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