Sunday, January 22, 2012

Winter Watermelon for Tu B'Shvat

Shalom Girls & Boys:

Are you getting ready for Tu B'Shvat? I know I am and I'm excited because this year I'm going to say a special She'he'cheyanu blessing over a very new fruit Made in Israel. Instead of serving my friends nuts and dried apricots, raisins and apple slices, I'm going to give them yummy slices of Israel's new Winter Watermelon.

It's crispier and sweeter then regular watermelons, and its flesh is an orangey-yellow color. You won't believe it -- it's grown hanging in hothouses, which is also different! But I'm not surprised. Israeli farmers are among the most inventive in the world. We grow more than 40 types of different fruits in our little desert country. People forget that we are an agricultural miracle. Many of our tasty innovations were developed by Hishtil Nurseries, including this new Winter Watermelon created together with a farmer named Itay Gal from Moshav Ein Yahav.

O.K. It's not a dried fruit that once grew on a tree, but Tu B'Shvat is a celebration of the land and all that it has to offer. We've worked to make our desert bloom, so that today all our delish fruits and vegetables are mamash -- really -- facts on the ground.

Speaking of which, I want to eat!!!

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