Sunday, May 6, 2012

This Shavuot You Can Help Save Our 400 Endangered Flower Species

Shalom Girls & Boys:

I love this time of the year. The sweet smell of flowers is everywhere.

Look at this wild tulip.

Isn't is beautiful!!!! Close your eyes and imagine what it smells like.

This tulip is one of the 2,400 flower varieties growing in our teeny tiny country. Most of them are grown by professional flower growers.  Still, there are 400 different kinds of wild flowers growing in Israel  that are in trouble. They're called endangered species.  We HAVE to protect them because they're part of what makes Israel so beautiful.

So, I started thinking about the flower side of Israel. One thought led to another. First I started thinking about the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens. Then I heard they have this cool idea of people and families adopting a flower species. Want to see the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens? Watch this  video.

Next thought -- Shavuot and how we use flowers and leaves to decorate our synagogues and homes.
So, I connected the dots and guess what I came up with?
A Zvuvi idea: How about you and me, and everybody collecting money from family, friends, schoolmates so that we can adopt an endangered Israeli flower species for Shavuot??!!

It's just a suggestion and it could be a great school project.  I even have a contact name at the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens: Tal Setzmetzky. Or if you want, I found this site -- Friends of the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens.

Think about it. While you do, have a look at some of our other wild flowers.

Power to the flower!

Tulip photo credit
Wild flowers Rosh Hanikra
Mt. Tabor Flowers Photo Credit

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