Sunday, October 28, 2012

Extreme Weather in Israel. Duh!?! It Does Happen!

Shalom Yeladim:

I'm flying in to bring you some needed sunshine as you hunker down and get ready for the "perfect storm." Whew...sounds like it's going to be awesome, as in the original definition of the word.

Sorry, I can't bring you our warm sun rays, but I can bring you sunshines of smiles by giving you this Extreme Weather in Israel quiz. Ready?

1. How long did the recent drought in Israel last?

2. When did it end?

3. At the end of that period a man made disaster was made infinitely worse because of the extremely dry climate. What was that disaster?

4. Israel recently experienced extreme snowfall with the largest snowstorm in two decades. When was that?

5. What was the highest temperature ever recorded in Israel? When and where?

6. What was the lowest temperature ever recorded in Israel? When and where?

7. What was the highest wind gust ever recorded in Israel? When and where?

8. What kind of extreme weather do Israeli meteorologists predict over the next decade?

Scroll down for the answers. But first, I hope this Tel Aviv sunset will bring a smile to your face.

Keep safe, warm and dry. Sip on some hot chocolate while you read the answers.

1. Five years
2. December 2010
3. Carmel Forest fire
4. December 2010 (ironic, no?)
5, 129º F, June 1942, at Kibbutz Tirat Tzvi
6. 7º F, February 1950, in the Beit Netofah Valley
7. 99 mph, January 1974, in Jerusalem
8. Read all about it

Tel Aviv sunset photo credit

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