Sunday, October 27, 2013

I Have a Tikun Olam Project Idea for You

Shalom Girls and Boys:

I just read an article about how much Israel is doing for Syrian children wounded in their horrible war.

I know that Syria is far away from you. And, yes, it's a country that is our enemy. But its children aren't enemies, and the doctors in Israel understand that.

Right now the Rebecca Sief Hospital in Safed -- a famous Kabbalistic city in Israel's northern region -- is treating more than 150 Syrian patients! Many of them are children just like you, but unlike you they are victims of life threatening events. One eight year-old girl had her right leg shattered by a mortar attack. Now she's being treated at the Rebecca Sief hospital and a month ago she took her first steps. Can you imagine? Learning how to walk again at age 8!

This little girl is one of dozens of children being helped by Israel. Israel is providing aid very quietly, but sometimes word does get out. All the medical treatments cost a lot of money but the hospital is giving it to the Syrian patients for free. So here's my idea for a Tikkun Olam project. How about saving your allowance for one month and sending it to the Rebecca Sief Hospital? It's your way of helping Israel lend a helping hand. If you don't want to send money, toys would be just as good.

With Hanukkah and Thanksgiving just weeks away, you can say Thank You in a different way.


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