Sunday, March 2, 2014

I Still Don't Have a Purim Costume!!!

Wow! Purim is only two weeks away and I still haven't decided what to dress up as. I stopped by Hannah Katsman and asked her. She writes the blog A Mother In Israel, so I knew she'd have some great ideas, and she did! She popped open her blog post on Easy Purim Costume Ideas.

But what if I don't want to make my own costume?? Leave it to my cousin Zehava. She said "Zvuvi! Don't tell me you've never  been to Pure Glorious Costumes in Tel Aviv?" I said "Huh?!?!"
"That's what I thought," she answered grabbing my wing. Away we flew. Before I knew it we were on Matalon Street in Tel Aviv, home to Tel Aviv's first ever Purim costume designer.

"Come on in," said Adva Abalya, the store's costume designer. With a big smile, she showed us around, explaining that this is a family business going back 30 years. "I'm keeping my 2014 designs a secret for another few days," she smiled, showing us the big hits from last year. Some are not relevant anymore. You'll understand when you view her tour.

When she finished she asked: "So what do you think?"

"What do I think?" I answered. "Dressing up as an Israeli pilot is a good idea. After all, I'm a real spitflyre."

Adva smiled. "I knew you'd find something." As she turned to go, I yelled: "Hey Adva! As long as you're not showing off your 2014 collection just yet, I have another costume idea for you."

Adva was all ears.

"Yeah," I added "I even have a picture for you."

I gave her this photo of me:

"Interesting," smiled Adva.

I think it looks easy to make. What do you think?

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