Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Boy, Did I Do A Lot Do In Eilat!

Shalom Yeladim, Morot ve'Morim:
Times flies when you’re having fun and I’ve had the most fabulous, fly-full vacation this summer. In fact I just returned from Eilat. WHAT!!!! Eilat???? Isn’t it sizzling, burning hot there? And didn’t Israel just have one of the worst heat waves in its history? Yes, that is all true. But it’s hot and dry in Eilat (10% humidity!), and there’s so much water all around to cool off in, that you hardly feel the heat.

In fact – get ready for this – Eilat is the favorite summer vacation spot for Israelis, especially families. So much to do – like swimming with the dolphins at Dolphin Reef. I did that and the dolphins snorted me out of their nostrils. When they did, I flew all the way over to the Marine Park Underwater Observatory to see colorful fish, sea turtles and sharks. Oooooh. Scary! Those sharks made me wonder what’s it’s like to snorkel in the Red Sea. So I did that as well. No sharks there. What a relief! All I could think of was how Moses split this sea in half so he and the Children of Israel could cross it. I still can’t figure it out. I know, I know, he had help from a higher source. But, hey -- I can fly pretty high too! Up in the sky, the wind swept me over to the Kings City theme park where a lot of fun-filled activities helped me journey into the past – I mean the real past, like thousands of years ago. You’ve got it. I met Moses, Pharaoh, King David and King Solomon. I played Bet You Can’t Catch Me with each one and you know who won – ZVUVI!!! I am king of the high flyers.

So, I’m flying high, feeling great about myself and thinking of different ways I can drive teachers crazy when school starts September 1st. After all, I’m more than a zvuv – fly. I’m a shovav – a cutie on the wild side. You gotta love me!


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