Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bet You Can’t Cats Me

Shalom Yeladim:
You know that cats love catching flies. I know that cats love catching flies. Then why am I going near them? Because Israel is now the home of international cat shows. We just held one in Ra’anana and it was just like a fashion show – it even had its own cat walk!
On October 23rd, Haifa will host the Royal Cat Club International Cat Show.
Cat shows in Israel??? Up until five years ago there were too many stray cats on the streets. The Ministry of Environmental Protection had to step in to help solve the problem. Today, we still have stray cats, but we also have a new phenomenon: supermodel cats with long sleek legs, knockout bodies and enticing eyes. We’ve got pure-breds, rare breeds, you name it.

How did all of this happen? It has to do with the Russian Olim – immigrants from Russia, now living in Israel. They love domesticated dogs and they are also crazy about aristocats. What a lineup they have: Golden Persians, Scottish Straight Hair, Cornish Rex, Russian Blue, Siamese, you name it. The one I like the best? Canadian Sphynx. They are the cutest because they are hairless, wrinkly and pink.

I bet you think I like the Sphynx cat because the Egyptian Sphinx is one of our neighbors. That’s part of it, but not the whole reason. They’re just like me. A Sphynx cat is extroverted, has LOTS of energy, and is very intelligent, curious and affectionate.
Hey Sphynxie…over here…it’s me Zvuvi. Let’s play Cat and Fly.

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