Sunday, October 31, 2010

Yes, we talk the talk. But we also we walk the walk. Me? I fly the fly.

Shalom Yeladim:

I’m going to teach you a Hebrew saying using the word holech – which means “walk."

Ani holech al zeh is a favorite phrase which means I’m going to go for it.

There’s a reason I want you to know this. We just held our first national walk day – and believe me, it got a lot of people thinking and more important, walking. I’m going to walk you through “why”. Up until 10 years ago you hardly ever saw a fat kid in Israel. We were a nation that lived outdoors. Kids walked back and forth to school. When they finished their homework their mothers said: “Go outside and play. Be back in time for dinner.” We gladly obeyed orders and played soccer, shot some hoops, climbed trees, did a lot of bike riding and got rid of a lot of energy. By the time supper rolled around we had a healthy appetite that never made us gain weight.

All of that has changed. We’re not all heavy, but there sure is a difference in our size. Now our parents drive us back and forth to school. When we finish our homework we don’t step outside of our bedroom – unless of course it’s to watch TV. During non-TV time we’re glued to our computers, playing games, chatting through Facebook. You know the routine. It’s just like yours. And you know what? Our parents are doing a lot of the same things. Which means they’re not so thin either.

I guess people at the Health Ministry looked around and said "enough is enough! We’ve got to do something." So they made this past Wednesday Israel Walk Day. The radio commercial made everybody feel guilty. It used a man’s voice and went like this: Exercise? I do it almost every day. I almost do it on Sunday, almost on Monday, almost on Tuesday, almost on Wednesday, almost on Thursday, almost on Friday, and on Saturday? I rest, of course! That’s why this Wednesday all of Israel is going to walk at 6 p.m.

Me? I burn up my calories flying. So I flew from place to place to hear everyone’s reaction to the radio spot. And the one response I heard most of the time? Ani holech al zeh. How about you?
See you… Zvuvi

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