Monday, March 7, 2011

What do Haman and the Pyramids Have in Common?

Shalom Yeladim:
The answer is really neat. Right we all eat Hamantashen on Purim? In Israel we call them Oznei Haman (which means “Haman’s ears”) and they go on sale in the makolet – local supermarket – around a month before Purim. Every year bakers all over the country try to outdo themselves by coming up with new ideas. This year one baker came up with such an unusual idea that it was covered on the news. Are you ready for this? Pyramid shaped Oznei Haman! He said he was inspired by the current events going on in our part of the world and he wanted to show the Egyptians that he agreed with their push for democracy. So instead of cutting his dough into triangles he cut it into rectangles. He filled each rectangle with a traditional poppy seed mix, lifted its the corners and pinched them into the shape of a pyramid. Pretty cool, and much closer to the real meaning of Hamentashen – which is German for “pockets of poppy seeds”.
Hey – I wonder if pyramid costumes will be a hit this Purim as well. You never know! I’ll keep you posted.

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