Sunday, March 20, 2011

What's the Connection Between Macy’s and the Israeli City Holon?

Shalom Yeladim:
Here’s the answer: Macy’s holds an annual Thanksgiving Day Parade with people from all over the United States coming to see it, and every year Holon holds its Purim Adloyada Parade, with Israelis from north to south attending. Both of these parades are unbelievable pageants with huge floats, bands, dance troupes, balloons and more. Now, I don’t know what goes on behind the scenes of the Macy’s parade, but I do know that Holon has a special puppet center with a school that teaches how to make puppets. Even better, it has a two-year course in carnival art which trains people on how to build giant puppets like this Jungle Boy float. It is gigantic puppet floats like this that make Holon’s Adloyada parade so special.

The parade is about to begin. I’ve got to fly. I want to buzz around and meet the puppet makers. A giant Zvuvi float sounds good to me for next year’s parade.
Hey…you never know.
Purim Sameach…Zvuvi

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