Sunday, April 3, 2011

Penguins in Israel?

Shalom Yeladim:

I know that sounds funny. These cute aquatic birds are usually associated with ice, snow and freezing temperatures. So what are they doing in Israel – a desert country with a hot, tropical climate? They’re mating at Jerusalem’s Biblical Zoo, that’s what. At least Black Footed penguins are. Also known as the African Penguin, they live in countries like Namibia and South Africa, so they are used to hot weather.

How did they get to Israel? The Amsterdam Zoo was worried about the future of its black footed penguins. To make sure they would be fruitful and multiply they shipped a few to Jerusalem because the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo is famous for conserving endangered species. Animals and birds about to disappear – like Griffon Vultures, Fallow Deer and Asian Elephants – get a second chance at the Jerusalem Zoo. When the Black Footed penguins arrived, the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo was so successful in helping them conceive that they outnumbered the numbers they were expecting. Get the pun? Expecting! In short, Black Footed Penguin multiplication worked so well that soon Israel will be exporting penguins to zoos all over the world.

Penguins Made in Israel. I love it.

Gotta spread the buzz…Zvuvi

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