Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Win a Free Book: Take this Yom Ha'Atzmaut Quiz

Hey Girls & Boys:
This year I'm celebrating Israel Independence Day with a Yom Ha'Atzmaut quiz. The first one to send me all the correct answers will win a free, autographed copy of Zvuvi's Israel
Good luck -- בהצלחה !

1. Who was the father of modern Zionism?
    a. Chaim Weizmann  b. Theodor Herzl  c. Edmond Rothschild
2. Which city in Israel is named after him?
     a. Kfar Weizmann  b. Tel Mond  c. Herzliya
3. In what year was Israel established?
     a. 1967   b. 1948   c. 1898
4. What is the name of Israel's capital city?
     a. Tel Aviv  b. Jerusalem  c. Modiin
5. Who was Israel's first Prime Minister?
     a. Moshe Sharett  b. Yitzhak Rabin   c. David Ben-Gurion
6. The Israeli flag is designed to resemble:
     a. King David's shield  b. the Tallit -- prayer shawl  c. Emblem of the Maccabees
7. What is the name of Israel's national anthem?
     a. Hatikva   b. Shir Ha'Maalot    c. Jerusalem of Gold
8. Who was Israel's only female Prime Minister?
     a. Henrietta Szold  b. Golda Meir  c. Rahel Ben-Zvi
9. Where did she grow up?
     a. Warsaw, Poland   b. Kibbutz Alpha   c. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
10. The first kibbutz in Israel was:
     a. Kibbutz Alpha   b. Kibbutz Degania Alef   c. Kibbutz Ma'ayan Baruch
11. The national bird of Israel is:
     a. Falcon   b. Sandpiper  c. Hoopoe
12. What is the national currency of Israel?
     a. Lira   b. Shekel   c. Agorah  d. Dollar
13. What was invented in Israel?
    a. cellphones  b. texting  c. USB flash drive  d. all three
14. What are the two official languages of Israel?
    a. Hebrew & English   b. Hebrew & Arabic   c. Hebrew & Russian  d. Israel has no "official" language
15. Israel has the lowest point on earth. Where is it?
    a. Gulf of Eilat   b. Ramon Crater   c. Dead Sea  d. Sea of Galilee

Whew...I think that's enough! Remember, the first class/school/person to send me the correct answers wins a free, autographed copy of Zvuvi's Israel. Don't forget to include your address.

חג שמח


  1. I was wondering if you knew where I would be able to purchase a copy of the book for my customers? I believe I checked Amazon but did not see it for sale there? Any help would be appreciated.
    Israel Tours

    1. I am so happy you want to give your customers gift copies of "Zvuvi's Israel". I just checked Amazon and both the hard and soft copies are available. If you put my name under the search section for books you'll definitely find it, plus all my other books. Alternatively, you could go directly to my publisher and order there. Here's the link: http://www.karben.com/Zvuvis-Israel-Paperback_p_355.html