Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Celebrate Shavuot by Pretending You're on a Kibbutz

Shalom Yeladim:

Getting ready for Shavuot? Learning about it in school? Then I'm sure you know that one of the names this holiday has is חג הביכורים -- holiday of the first fruits.

When the State of Israel came into being, Shavuot quickly became the favorite kibbutz holiday. Back then, kibbutzim -- collective agricultural communities -- were the source of Israel's luscious fruits and vegetables. Even though times have changed, Shavuot is still a special agricultural celebration on the kibbutz. Girls continue the tradition of wearing crowns made out of flowers (floral garlands). Here's an example. Look at it carefully and see if you can make one just like it.
Special decorations are created to remind everyone of farming life. And there's dancing...kibbutz style!

The celebration starts with a parade. What do I mean? Watch this. Every possible farming job on the kibbutz is represented. Am I giving you ideas on how make this year's Shavuot celebration a little bit different? Hope so.

I'll leave you with a YouTube clip of the Givatron -- my favorite kibbutz choir. They sing several songs, so get ready and have a חג שמח.

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