Monday, May 13, 2013

You, Me, Israel and Jewish American Heritage Month

Shalom girls and boys,

I just found out that May is Jewish American Heritage Month. That's pretty cool for me because right now I'm in America (I flew in and landed in January) and pretty soon I'm going to be making my way back. Before I do, I'm going to the National Museum of American Jewish History  in Philadelphia. The buzz I've heard is that it's awesome! I can't wait to find out what Jews have done in and for America since the time of the American Revolution.

But here's the thing. I bet you didn't know that American Jews played an important part in helping us over in Israel establish a Jewish homeland. I'm talking about men and women your grandparents' age, who live in the United States, are proud Americans AND proud Jews. Hey, isn't that what connects us?!

So get this.  Do you know that the Israel Air Force is one of the world's top air forces?

Well, it was started by a group of American Jewish pilots who wanted to make sure that all Jews have a land they can call their own. Have a look at this short film. Maybe one of these men is related to you?

Isn't that one unbelievable story? How about finding more stories on American Jews who lived in America but helped Israel? Maybe you can start by asking around in your family. If you discover some good stories let me know. I'd love to post them.


Spitfire photo credit
Plane formation photo credit

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