Sunday, August 4, 2013

Help Me Turn the Elephant Soap Opera at Israel's Safari Park into a Children's Story

Shalom Yeladim:

Mah Nishma? What's Up? I hope you're enjoying your summer vacation. I'm back in Israel after a long stay in the States and I'm buzzing around here, there and everywhere in my beautiful country.

Today I went to the Ramat Gan Safari and flew into a strange family affair. First all the zookeepers were wishing La Belle -- a female Asian elephant -- Mazal Tov because she is now the proud Mama of a 200 pound baby girl. Before I knew it, these same zookeepers were saying Oy Vey because Grandma decided to do what Mama should be doing -- nurse the baby!

Here's the dilemma they have: On the one hand, they would prefer that the baby bond with Mama, the way it's supposed to. On the other hand, La Belle is a first time Mama who needs a little guidance from her own mother.  The zookeepers think that may be the reason Grandma is doing so much mothering, and if it is, they don't want to start a family fight. But it gets more complicated. Are you ready for this? Grandma is also pregnant and the fact that she can nurse may be a sign that she's getting ready to give birth!

The zookeepers say it's a real soap opera. I say it has all the makings of a children's picture book. It just needs a good author to flesh out the story and come up with a happy ending.

That's why I'm turning to you. You're on vacation and I bet you're looking for something different to do. This is your chance to put on your author's cap. Read all about the elephant dilemma at the Safari. Make sure you watch the video as well.  It will give you a feeling of being right there.

You can also use this photo for inspiration.

Send me your story and I'll put the best one up on my blog.

Happy writing!


Asian Elephants Photo Credit

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