Sunday, August 10, 2014

Dear Minister of Education: Please Extend Our Summer Vacation!

Shalom Girls and Boys:

Do you agree with Nestia Froussman? She's a girl who lives in Beersheva and she's getting together a petition to send to Israel's Minister of Education. Nestia wants the Minister to extend the summer vacation so that all the kids in Israel's southern region can make up for the happy time they should have had but lost because Hamas decided to start a war with Israel.
Usually summer means non-stop sun and fun. Last year Israel's beaches , especially those down south, looked like this.

This summer, the beach looked like this.

And instead of going to a petting zoo in the fresh outdoors, we had to bring animals inside. Have a look.
The summer is three quarters through but Hamas is still shooting missiles into Israel's southern region.
Maybe the Minister can't extend the summer vacation, but perhaps he can find another way for fun and play in the sun?
What do you think?

Photo Credit Beach 1 
Photo Credit Beach 2

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