Friday, June 27, 2014

It's Creamy, D-lecious and I Eat At Least 10 Liters of it Every Year! Guess What Food I'm Talking About.

No, it's not pudding. It's Gleeda -- גלידה -- ice cream, and I'm on my way to a yummy tasting. Gleeda has to be one of the most popular words we Israelis use because you won't believe how much gleeda we eat. On average every Israeli eats 10 liters of ice cream a year! 10 liters!!! That's over 10 quarts and more than the average Italian eats. They weigh in (Weight Watchers talk?) at only 6.2 liters a year. And Italy is home to gelato, the famous ice cream that's very dense and not quite frozen.

Even our Prime Minister is crazy about gleeda. He loves eating it (pistachio is his favorite flavor) and serving it to his guests. You wouldn't believe how high his ice cream budget is! 

What's so good about our gleeda? Just about everything. We have all the flavors, and even a few that we've invented on our own. I'm on my way to taste one of our latest flavors -- Hummus ice cream!

An Israeli original, it's served with a drizzle of olive oil and topped with pine nuts. "That's nuts," you say? Not nuts. I said topped with nuts. Our Hummus ice cream is 60% chickpeas and the rest is cream. Hmmm... this could be the next health craze.

All this Gleeda talk makes me drool.  Gotta reach that tasting ASAP.

Photo Credit: The Hummus Blog

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